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ENHR Conferences - 2018 Sweden

NHRC workshop

Housing Legacy. Investigating the transformative potential of Italian institutional landlords’ real estate Federico Coricelli
Selecting a new place of residence: cohousing as a pull factor? Marie Horňáková
Evaluative space of housing policy: a critical review by applying the capability approach Boram Kim
Multiscale contextual poverty in the Netherlands Ana Petrović, Maarten van Ham, David Manley
Public Housing Regeneration. Questioning Policies and Practices Caterina Quaglio
The Fighting Tenant – Tenant Militancy Efficiency in Gothenburg 1923-1955 Hannes Rolf
Pleasures and pains of urban restructuring: symbolic violence and cultural hegemony in central Vilnius Tadas Šarūnas
Differentiation of residential change and gentrification in post-socialist inner-city neighbourhood Jan Sýkora
Investigating the Influence of Selection Bias on the Neighbourhood Level Predictors of Income Agata Troost
The Impact of Migration on Housing Availability in Sweden Adam Tyrcha

Collaborative Housing

Focusing on retrofit cohousing (recoh). Tactics for future implementation Virginia De Jorge-Huertas
Exploring the participatory-based causal pathways of collaborative housing in England and in China via fsQCA Bingzi He
Exploring social system barriers and enablers in Dutch collaborative housing, using Rogers’ diffusion of innovations framework Fred Sanders, Gerard van Bortel

Disadvantaged Urban Neighbourhoods and Communities

Socio-economic Segregation in European Cities. A Comparative Study of Amsterdam, Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen Rafael Costa, Bo Malmberg, Karen Haandrikman, Adrian Farner Rogne, Bart Sleutjes
Trap or opportunity - does “cash for care” hamper economic integration, and what role does geography play? Lena Magnusson Turner, John Östh
Displacement and neighborhood change in Uppsala, Sweden Emil Pull, Åse Richard
“I really wanted to stay in the same neighbourhood...”. Neighbourhood choices in the context of forced relocation: young people’s perspectives Kirsten Visser

East European Housing and Urban Policy

Factors influencing the spatial diversity of the social housing stock in the voivodeship capital cities of Poland Ewa Kusidel, Magdalena Zaleczna

Energy Efficiency and Environmental Sustainability of Housing

Becoming a prosumer: increasing participation in energy transitions through co-operative housing in Australia Ellis Judson, Christian (Andi) Nygaard
Indoor thermal comfort assessment of residential building stock in Quetta, Pakistan Waqas Ahmed Mahar, Mohamed Amer, Shady Attia

Housing and Family Dynamics

A New Look At The Housing Antecedents Of Separation Rory Coulter, Michael J Thomas
Passing it on: inheritance, coresidence and the influence of parental support on homeownership and housing pathways Stephan Köppe
Family structure and siblings: the propensity of nest leaving Hans Christian Sandlie, Anna Maria Santiago, Viggo Nordvik

Housing and Living Conditions of Older Populations

Three Nordic Welfare States: Housing systems, housing conditions and market activity among older people Marianne Abramsson, Lars Petter Gulbrandsen, Hans Christian Sandlie, Outi Jolanki
Housing for older people in small municipalities – ageing in place in a weak housing market Marianne Abramsson
Using the owner occupied home as a pension: attitudes towards housing equity release in 6 European countries Kees Dol, Joris Hoekstra
Tenure insecurity and exclusion: older people in New Zealand’s rental market Bev James, Nina Saville-Smith
Demographic change and the future of social housing in England Gerald Koessl
Different Perspectives on Sustainable Housing for Seniors Lisbeth Lindahl, Cecilia Kaan
Residents’ Potential in a Super Aged Social Housing Community in Japan Yoko Matsuoka, Ryoko Wada, Masako Saito
Extra-Care Housing for the Elderly as Their Final Homes. A Comparative Analysis between Japan and Sweden Hiroko Mizumura
Intergenerational Living in Aged Suburban Housing Area Kazuoki Ohara
Âgir: empowering seniors! Take care of your own business: do it yourself Alice Rouyer, Marina Casula
Added value of life-proof houses according to real estate agents T.G.M. Spierings, E.J.M. Oberjé, R. Daniels, M. Eeren, J. Knoop

Housing and Refugies

Housing entry pathways of refugees in Vienna, a city of social housing Anita Aigner
How to use “serious games” to produce and communicate policies. A dialogue between architects and game scholars Valerio Perna, Gabriele Ferri

Housing and Social Theory

Bringing Elites into Housing Studies: A Sociological Approach to the History of Land Registration and Elite Housing Practices in the UK Timothy Monteath
Village vs Neighborhood: Evaluating Rural Areas in Metropolitan Municipalities of Turkey Through Rural-Urban Transect Özge Özkuvanci, Yasemin Alkişer Bregger
Housing Tenure and Interpersonal Trust in Europe: A Longitudinal Approach Hyungjun Suh, Stéfanie André
Housing Economics
The Long- and Short-run Influences of Housing Prices on Migration Chien-Wen Peng, I-Chun Tsai
Public services, real estate taxes & fees, and housing prices in china: a study based on Chinese-style decentralization Yanfen Huang, Chao Zhang, Kongwen Guan
Housing inheritance, financial assistance, and reciprocal interdependence Shinichiro Iwata, Norifumi Yukutake
Impact of existence of social (tenure) norms on income elasticity of housing demand Martin Lux, Petr Sunega, Jan Jakubek
Housing markets dynamics in Europe: some comparative insights Christian Tutin
Spatial Trajectories in Early Life: Returning Home or Moving on? Aslan Zorlu, Niels Kooiman

Housing Finance

Measuring housing affordability in Flanders. Towards a new approach? Kristof Heylen
A simple model of the housing market and the detection of cycles Jacek Łaszek, Krzysztof Olszewski, Hanna Augustyniak
Hedonic analysis of office and retail rents and house prices in three major cities in Poland Krzysztof Olszewski, Paweł Decyk, Krystyna Gałaszewska, Andrzej Jakubowski, Magdalena Kulig, Renata Modzelewska, Hanna Żywiecka, L. Magnusson Turner, T. Wessel

Housing in Developing Countries

Tools of government for housing development: outlining a research project Marina Khmelnitskaya
A study of housing density and public service level in a community, based on price Yao Zhao
Research on the Difficulties and Solutions to the Installations of Elevators in Multi-story Residential Buildings in Shanghai Xudong Zhu

Housing Law

Housing policies in Spain. regional and local initiatives vs. central protection of economic freedoms Alba Nogueira, Andrei Quintia
Remodelling the English mortgage possession process: affordability or vulnerability? Lisa Whitehouse

Housing Market Dynamics

Owning vs. Renting: The benefits of staying put? Arthur Acolin
Building Predictive Models to Forecast Population. Trends in Ireland for 2017-2021 Tom Fitzgerald, Vikas Sahni
A regional model of the Danish housing market Simon Juul Hviid
Recent developments in homeownership pattern of Turkish households Esma Aksoy Khurami, Özgül Burcu Özdemir Sari
Redefining the Housing Problem of Turkish Cities via Housing Production Levels Ö. Burcu Özdemir Sari
Revitalising the production of lower value homes: researching dynamics and outcomes Kay Saville-Smith

Land Markets and Housing Policy

Urban Development and Cooperation Games Anders Eika

Metropolitan Dynamics

A missing presumption for successful housing mix policy Jan Amcoff
Residential mobility and territorial establishment of ethnic minorities in northern suburbs of Paris metropolitan area. Towards an ethnic suburbia or an ethnoburb? Didier Desponds, Pierre Bergel
Consequences of the marketized housing agenda in Sweden: who were those trolls that never were invited but who we now are living with? Ylva Norén Bretzer
Urban consolidation through infill: Relaxing constraints or pushing urban land values? C.A. Nygaard, S. Glackin
Smart cities, smart village: a new effort for integration Magdalena Suárez
The housing tenure landscape that structures the Swedish society Patterns and changes 1990 to 2012 Thomas Wimark, Eva K. Andersson, Bo Malmberg

Migration, Residential Mobility and Neighbourhood Change

Trajectories of multidimensional neighborhood change over the long-run. An Italian case study: the city of Turin, 1971-2011 Giovanni De Santis
Temporal dynamics of residential mobility in immigrant-dense neighbourhoods Andreas Alm Fjellborg
Immigrants’ housing and multi-layered structure of housing market in Russia: from first results of sociological questionnaire Mayu Michigami
Raising children in the inner city: still a mismatch between housing and households? Terje Wessel, Erik Lunke

Minority Ethnic Groups and Housing

Tenure Trajectories of Immigrants and their Children in France: Between Integration and Stratification Arthur Acolin
Ambiguity in emotions - relaxed everyday life together - families with or without a migrant history together in Vienna's social housing Heidrun Feigelfeld, Joachim Brech
The effect of the residential context on people changing their self-reported ethnic identity Kadi Mägi, Maarten van Ham, Kadri Leetmaa, Tiit Tammaru
Ethnic school segregation in Copenhagen: a step in the right direction? Rikke Skovgaard Nielsen, Hans Thor Andersen
A new method for analyzing ethnic mixing: studies from Southern California Madalina Olteanu, Julien Randon-Furling, William A.V. Clark
‘It used to be very pleasant and then there were also – I hate the word – foreigners’. Mixed and changing feelings about neighbourhood change André Ouwehand
Toward more culturally inclusive domestic interiors in the age of global mobility Sondos Rawas

Private Rented Markets

Akelius Residential AB – a housing company with a global investment focus: impact of the business model on key stakeholders, 1971-2011 Stefan Kofner

Residential Buildings and Architectural Design

Function Replacement Provides a Way for Traditional Residence Area (Hutong) to Survive in High-density Urban Development Tian Feng, Xudong Zhu
Transitional Spaces as Lever for Social Sustainability in Dense Housing Projects Bart Janssens, Victoria Taranu, Näomi Schuermans, Griet Verbeeck
Ageing homes. Visual anthropology and the architecture of elderly care Birgit Jürgenhake, Leeke Reinders
Changed Territorial Behaviors in Open Spaces of Social Housing Burak Mangut, Ahsen Ozsoy
Sense of home and the aftermath of dispersal - case study of new housing development in Leicester UK Jamileh Manoochehri
Le droit à la ville – Recent Social Housing Policies in Porto, the case of Tomás Gonzaga Street Paulo Tormenta Pinto

Residential Context of Health

Housing as a social determinant of health: Exploring the impacts on tenants of different models of housing provision and support Lisa Garnham, Steve Rolfe
High-density Living and Residential Satisfaction: How Juveniles in Hong Kong Experience Their Residential Environments Pu Hao
The Impact of Earthquakes on Residential Wellbeing Sylvia J.T. Jansen
Green Cleaning in the Community: Creating Healthier Homes Pamela R. Turner, Kristen Sumpter, Keishon Thomas

Residential Environments and People

Living in micro-dwellings: new housing qualities in a new housing type? Anne Winther Beckman
Revitalization of residential environments: the case of two Mexico city neighborhoods Hélène Bélanger, Henny Coolen
Drivers of residential satisfaction and aspirations in Ireland Roslyn Molloy, Séin Healy, Robert Mooney
Declining egalitarianism and the battle for affordable housing in New Zealand Nina Saville-Smith, K.J. Saville-Smith

Social Housing and Globalisation

Housing vulnerabilities unravelled: impact of housing policy changes on Dutch households that have difficulties making ends meet Marietta Haffner, Marja Elsinga
Cultural diversity and sensitivity in public estate renewals: Evidence from a longitudinal study Edgar Liu, Hazel Blunden
Transformations in the social housing stock of EU countries in the long-term perspective Ewa Kucharska-Stasiak, Magdalena Zaleczna, Konrad Zelazowski

Social Housing Institutions, Organisations and Governance

Organizational Adaptations of Nonprofit Housing Organizations in the U.S.: Insights from the Boston and San Francisco Bay Areas Rachel G. Bratt, Larry A. Rosenthal., Robert J. Wiener
Exploring innovative management strategies of socially mixed communities in changing social housing contexts Igor Costarelli, Reinout Kleinhans, Silvia Mugnano
How mechanisms of conditionality and tenants responsibilization are shaping the governance of affordable housing. Evidences from Utrecht and Milan Igor Costarelli, Reinout Kleinhans, Silvia Mugnano
Spatial, Financial and Ideological Reconstructions of Public Housing Jennie Gustafsson
Chinese Social Housing Governance: Three Levels of Government and the Creation Hybrid Actors Juan Yan, Marietta Haffner, Marja Elsinga
Social housing in Poland’s housing policy – analysis of the practice Magdalena Zaleczna

Southern European Housing

Improving our knowledge of housing conditions at EU level Ida Borg, Anne-Catherine Guio
An overview of multiple property ownership in Spain José Manuel Torrado, Ricardo Duque-Calvache

Towards Sustainable Communities and Housing

Urban Densification through Roof Stacking: Case Study Mohamed Amer, Sigrid Reiter, Shady Attia
Green leases: a framework for on-campus housing Erin A. Hopkins

Welfare Policy, Homelessness and Social Exclusion

Young Adults Homelessness and Social Integration from Architect’s Perspective Karolína Kripnerová