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By participating in the activities of the Network, members can
  • participate in ENHR conferences and meetings
  • attend conferences and fees at a discount, if offered
  • receive the comprehensive and up-to-date ENHR Newsletter four times a year
  • come in contact with the latest ideas and findings within housing research
  • get first-hand knowledge of the variety of housing solutions
  • work with other social science researchers to produce new research agendas and new research
  • participate or initiate new Working Groups or cooperative projects
  • present their findings at stimulating and well organized research conferences in major European cities
  • come in contact with publishers and others who are interested in disseminating new research findings
  • have access to the entire website including a list of the ENHR members and their expertise
  • organize ENHR conferences and meetings

Additional benefits for individual members (also from institutional members):
  • (be nominated to) stand for election for the Coordination Committee
  • participate in the election of members to the Coordination Committee and vote in the General Assembly held every two years

Benefits for Institutional Members
The employees of the Institutional Members who are member of ENHR receive the same benefits as the individual members. Furthermore, Institutional Members are able to publish news items about the activities of the institution in the ENHR Newsletter.

Benefits for Associated Institutional Members
These type of members have the same benefits as regular Institutional Members. Only when it comes to voting in the General Assembly, the Associated Institutional Members generally are excluded.

Members Survey

This report summarises the results of the survey of ENHR members that was conducted in the second half of 2015. 397 members (39%) responded and 327 (32%) completed the survey. The main points concerning respondents’ backgrounds and views concerning ENHR activities are summarized in the 2015-4 Newsletter.
There are three important findings to emphasise:

  1. the Network is about more than just conferences. Whilst these are considered to be very important, members value the contact which the Network can provide, and especially the Newsletter and information on the website, both of which are very well administered by the ENHR office;
  2. there are lessons to be learned – the website is widely used but had the highest rate of dissatisfaction. We need to consider how we can improve this, we’ll consult you again but please let us have any suggestions now.
  3. the New Housing Researchers’ Conference is valued by those who take part but we need to raise its profile and status, once again we’ll consult you but please let us have any suggestions now.

You can access a full copy of the survey report here.