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Housing Economics

Created in 1997

Michael Ball (main contact person)
Department of Real Estate & Planning
University of Reading Business School
Reading, Great Britain
Viggo Nordvik (main contact person)
NOVA - Norwegian Social Research
Oslo, Norway
Edwin Deutsch
Research group EOS
University of Technology
Vienna, Austria


Central Theme
We welcome contributions on whatever currently is the interest of those who feel at home under the heading Housing Economics. We want to provide an arena for discussion also of the technical aspects of modelling and econometric aspects of the work of housing economists.


Past activities
The activity of Housing economics group has, as is usual, been centered on workshops. This year we had a seminar in Aberysthwyth Wales. This was locally organized by the long running member Maria Plotnikova. The number of participants was (with 13) a bit lower than what it normally is. In addition to the Aberysthwyth seminar we ran 5 sessions in the Housing Economics group at the Belfast conference.
Both in Aberysthwyth and in Belfast we had a nice mixture of repeat visitors and new participants at the working groups. We pride ourselves of a nice, critical and constructive atmosphere.


Future plans
The HE group does not have any agenda except to provide a forum for discussion of papers intended for publishing in journals. Apart from running a stream at the Tirana conference, we do not yet have any finalized plans for 2017.