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Housing Law

Created in 2004


Julian Sidoli del Ceno (main contact)
Pendragon Chambers
Swansea, UK

Maria Olinda Garcia
Coimbra University
Faculty of Law
Coimbra, Portugal

Padraic Kenna
School of Law, 
College of Business, Public Policy and Law,
National University of Ireland
Galway, Ireland
Michel Vols
Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
Faculty of Law
Groningen, The Netherlands


The Central Theme of the Working Group
The general aims of the group are to promote dialogue and European research on the importance of law, rights and regulation to all aspects of housing, land and planning. These objectives continue to be very broad to accommodate national differences.

Besides their political, social, and economic implications, housing, land and planning are profoundly influenced by varying national legal environments. International exchange in this area has always been handicapped by quite different national approaches and traditional groupings of legal and socio-legal expertise, despite drives towards European harmonization have not explicitly dealt with land law, but affect this strongly.

This group aims to promote exchange and debate between people in the same area as well as promoting understanding of the multiple types of relevant law. Legal, economic, sociological and philosophical theories are welcome, as well as sociological empirical work on the implementation of law, to improve understanding and expertise across borders.

Future plans / activities
The next informal working group seminar will place on Thursday 23rd – Friday 24th March 2016 at the University of Malmo, Sweden. It is hoped that the seminar will be a friendly and welcoming forum for the exchange of ideas and constructive criticism of works in progress as well as an opportunity to present more developed projects. A wide variety of approaches will be acceptable including theoretical, doctrinal and empirical and work can be focused on a particular jurisdiction, comparatively or internationally.

The working group will also meet at the main ENHR conference in Tirana.

Recent activities
A symposium on Housing Law was held by the group in February 2016 at the University of Coimbra. Over 30 people attended and there were over 10 presentations. A symposium lunch was held at a university restaurant funded by the Ius Gentium Conimbrigaen Human Rights Centre of the University of Coimbra. Thanks goes in particular to Maria Olinda Garcia for organising this.

A volume of papers entitled 'Regulating the City: Contemporary Urban Housing law will be published in 2016 edited by Julian Sidoli del Ceno and Michel Vols. This is the first volume of what will be a series of monographs and edited collections in the field of housing law. Further volumes are planned featuring papers collected from the annual symposium and the main ENHR Conference 's Housing Law group's workshop.

The Housing Law working group met once again at the main ENHR conference in Belfast and over 10 papers were presented. Contributors came from many European countries as well as the USA. The now traditional working group dinner was held at a nice Belfast restaurant and was well attended.

Policy implications
Members of the working group are/were involved in several research projects funded by the European Union and national governments (e.g. the TENLAW project). In most of the papers presented at the working group meetings the presenters discuss policy implications of their legal research too.