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How to apply

Aim of the Bengt Turner Award
The aim of the Bengt Turner Award is to encourage new researchers to write research papers on housing and urban issues linked to the topics of the ENHR Working Groups and to keep alive the memory of Bengt Turner, one of the founders of ENHR and its first chairman from 1988 to 2007.  

The Bengt Turner Award will be a best ENHR annual conference paper award for those colleagues who are eligible.

The 2019 deadline is 3 June.

Papers should

  • be linked to ENHR Working Group topics
  • contain original research not more than three years old
  • be on a suitable academic/professional level
  • add a new perspective to their topic, containing original ideas
  • be written in English
  • normally not exceed 8,000 words including all text, figures and tables. Diagrams and tables usually occupy the equivalent of 300 words each, and you should allow for this in your total. Legal-related papers are excluded from this limit.

Authors should

  • submit one paper only (www.enhr2019.com/registration-submission-2/).
  • indicate that the paper has been written by him/her alone and that an eventual publication of the winning paper will be only with the one author.
  • be less than 41 years old, OR be registered as a PhD student OR have received a PhD in the preceding three years
  • be based in an European country, or have carried out research in Europe
  • be registered for the annual ENHR Conference (www.http://enhr2019.com/registration-submission-2/).

The content of the Bengt Turner Award
The winner of the Bengt Turner Award will receive:

  • a waiver of next year's conference fee by the conference organizer
  • advice from senior researchers about submitting the paper for publication in a journal that is relevant
  • a special certificate in a decorative frame
  • a one-year membership subscription to ENHR and
  • a report about the winner in the ENHR Newsletter.

The evaluation criteria roughly amount to whether a paper would be sent out to referees of a scientific journal. The ENHR Coordination Committee determines whether a Bengt Turner Award is handed out.