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Minority Ethnic Groups and Housing

Created in 1993


Gideon Bolt (main contact)
Urban and Regional Research Centre Utrecht
Faculty of Geosciences
Utrecht University
Utrecht, The Netherlands

Rikke Skovgaard Nielsen
Danish Building Research Institute (SBi)
Aalborg University Copenhagen
Copenhagen, Denmark

The central theme(s) of the Working Group

  • Housing conditions, housing preferences and residential mobility of minority ethnic groups.
  • Concentration and segregation of minority ethnic groups.
  • Living in multicultural neighbourhoods.

Summary of the activities of the Working Group during the past years
The working group Housing for Minority Ethnic Groups has been established in 1993 by A.Sule Özüekren and Ronald Van Kempen. Sadly and unexpectedly, Ronald passed away in February 2016. He will be dearly missed for his academic contributions and not least his fantastic personality. He has aided many young researchers to become established within the field and his work will undoubtedly continue to influence research within housing of ethnic minorities.

Early 2016, Sule stepped down from coordinating the working group. Thanks, Sule, for your effort for the working group and for your research on ethnic minority housing. We will miss you in the future conferences and wish you the best of luck in retirement! Rikke Skovgaard Nielsen, the Danish Building Research Institute has taken over Sule’s position, coordinating the working group together with Gideon Bolt, Utrecht University. We will do our best to carry on the work of Sule and Ronald, however hard their shoes are to fill.

The working group has organised a workshop in every bigger ENHR conference since 1993. Since 2006, we have been present at each of the ENHR-conferences. In 2016, the workshop in Belfast consisted of 11 presentations. The presentations were interesting and sparked fruitful discussions of the housing of ethnic minorities in a time of increased migration of refugees. This is clearly a policy area of high importance currently.

Policy implications
Papers in our workshop are relevant for a variety of policy fields, like social mixing, immigrant integration, planning for diversity, housing allocation, and social cohesion.