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21 February

Tirana papers available
The Tirana 2017 congress papers are now available at www.enhr.net/enhrconferences.php

Annual report of Working Group activities over 2017
The final annual report of Working Group activities over 2017 with a complete set of overviews can be found at https://www.enhr.net/annualassesment2.php
The Working Groups pages on the website have all been updated: www.enhr.net/pageperworking.php

Events, courses and calls for papers
22-23 March, Rotterdam (The Netherlands)
New Towns Heritage Seminar
Joint seminar of the International New Town Institute (Rotterdam, the Netherlands) and the Arts & Humanities Research Council (Swindon, UK).

4-7 April 2018 in Toronto, Ontario (Canada)
48th Annual Conference of the Urban Affairs Association
Shaping Justice and Sustainability Within and Beyond the City's Edge: Contestation and Collaboration in Urbanizing Regions
For more information: urbanaffairsassociation.org/conference

16 May, 2018, Tarragona (Spain)
Socio-technical aspects on circular and collaborative economy
Parallel discussion sessions on collaborative and circular economy (tourism, mobility, co-working) combined with news trends (collaborative housing), forms (crowdfunding) and technologies (blockchain), while linking related academics and stakeholders.
Registration: More information: housing.urv.cat/registration-2/

6-8 June 2018, Queensland (Australia)
Smart and Sustainable Housing Futures: Towards an Efficient and Equitable Housing Delivery System
Abstract submission deadline = 23 February
Paper submission = 4 May
More information: www2.griffith.edu.au/cities-research-institute/news-and-events/seminars-and-events/2018-joint-apnhr-and-ahrc-conference

8-11 July 2018. Incheon (Korea)
2018 Annual Asian Real Estate Society (AsRES) Conference
The main theme of the conference will be The Impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on Real Estate.
Abstract submission deadline = 1 March
Full paper deadline = 10 June
Questions: AsRES2018@gmail.com
More information: www.asres2018.or.kr/asres2018

August 2018, Cardiff (UK)
Royal Geographical Society RGS-IBG Annual International Conference 2018: Housing landscapes and the life course
Session Convenor: Rory Coulter (University College London, UK) and Michael Thomas (University of Groningen, The Netherlands)
More information: conference.rgs.org/CallForPapers/View.aspx?heading=Y&session=546dd587-af97-4627-b7fe-b7b737814f63

7-10 October 2018 Savannah, Georgia (USA)
52nd Annual HERA Conference
HERA registration: www.housingeducators.org
More information: housingeducators.org/conferences/
Registration questions: contact Barbara Allen (heraballen@gmail.com).

26-30 November 2018, Havana (Cuba)
Built environment and sustainable development
Abstract submission deadline = 1 May
Paper deadline = 1 July
Mail to Dra. Arq. Dania Gonzalez Couret dania@arguitectura.cujae.edu.cu or macdes.congress@gmail.com

Faculty of Law, University Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona (Spain)
2-years position for a young post-doctoral researcher in fields of housing, housing law, property law, comparative law, mortgage law, collaborative economy re property law at the UNESCO Chair of Housing (Faculty of Law, University Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona (Spain), www.housing.urv.cat/en/
Information: Prof. Dr. Sergio Nasarre-Aznar, Faculty director: sergio.nasarre@urv.cat
Deadline = 28 February 2018.


22 January 2018

26 March: Abstract submission deadline
30 April: Notice of abstract approval
14 May: Early Bird registration deadline
1 June: Full papers submission deadline
Visit www.enhr2018.com

Events, courses and calls for papers
11-13 April 2018, Sheffield (UK)
Housing Studies Association's 2018 conference
Abstracts deadline = 10 February, to Joe Crawford (j.crawford@sheffield.ac.uk) and Tony Manzi (manzit@westminster.ac.uk)
Abstracts for HSA's Early Career Researcher stream: Helen Taylor (htaylor@cardiffmet.ac.uk)
For details of the Valerie Karn memorial prize for the best paper by an early career housing researcher see www.housing-studies-association.org/valerie-karn-prize-2-2/ (deadline 1st March 2018).
For details about the conference bursary scheme, kindly supported by the Housing Studies Charitable Trust, please see: www.housing-studies-association.org/hsa-bursaries/conference-bursaries/(deadline 10 February).

12-13 April 2018, Vienna (Austria)
Workshop on social housing
UNECE Housing and Land Management Unit

6-8 June 2018, Queensland (Australia)
2018 Joint APNHR and AHRC Conference Smart and sustainable housing futures: Towards an efficient and equitable housing delivery system
Abstract submission deadline = 1 March 2018
Paper submission deadline = 4 May 2018

June 2018 (Macedonia)
Working party on land administration and workshop on land consolidation

16-29 September 2018, Tirana (Albania)
[Co]habitation tactics: Imagining future spaces in architecture, city and landscape
Abstract deadline = 15 February
Full paper proposal submission = 15 April
Contact person enrico_porfido@universitetipolis.edu.al

October 2018 (Greece)
Working party on land administration and workshop on real estate markets


5 January 2018

Events, courses and calls for papers
9-11 May 2018, Prague (Czech Republic)
New Housing Challenges: Families and Financialization
Workshop at the Czech Academy of Sciences by the Institute of Sociology and the ENHR WG Housing and Family Dynamics. Early career researchers (doctoral students and postdocs up to five years from graduation) are invited to deliver papers on the varieties of financialization concerning housing and families.
Paper deadline = 15 April. Authors will be invited to submit to Critical Housing Analysis.
Main contact: Tomas Samec (tomas.samec@soc.cas.cz)

3-6 June 2018, Lugano (Switzerland)
Regional Studies Association Annual Conference 2018: A World of Flows - Labour Mobility, Capital and Knowledge in an Age of Global Reversal and Regional Revival
Abstract submission deadline = 23 February 2018
More information: http://www.regionalstudies.org/conferences/conference/rsa-lugano-2018 and twitter #RSALUGANO

21-23 June, 2018, Tilburg (the Netherlands)
2018 EURA Conference: Reconciling Past and Future Urban and Regional Strengths
Deadline for paper proposals = 21 January 2018
Deadline full papers = 1 June 2018
More information: https://eura.org/

10-14 July 2018, Gothenburg (Sweden)
AESOP Annual Congress 2018: Making Space For Hope

Call for Papers for Town Planning Review
In 2016 both the UN and the EU adopted New Urban Agendas. Informed by the context of the New Urban Agenda, Town Planning Review invites contributions which engage with and explore implications of the New Urban Agenda(s) for planning and place making across different global contexts. The papers will be published over the next three years to 2020. Themes to be explored should have a clear planning focus and a critical perspective.
Abstracts (100-150 words): Dr. Olivier Sykes (olivier.sykes@liverpool.ac.uk)
More information: http://online.liverpooluniversitypress.co.uk/loi/tpr#info

Call for papers for the International Journal of Housing Policy
While homeownership has notably grown and spread during the second half of the 20th century in many countries, this trend has recently begun to reverse. On the other hand there is emerging evidence in countries like Great Britain, the US, and Australia of owners purchasing secondary property or private rental housing to let on a significant scale. This signals a more complex restructuring of property relations and more unequal housing asset distribution in times of late homeownership than previously assumed. These changes ask for a deeper investigation of emerging 'post-crisis housing regimes', themed 'The rise of multiple property ownership in times of late homeownership'.
Abstract submission deadline = 1 February 2018 to guest editor Justin Kadi (Justin.Kadi@tuwien.ac.at)
First draft = 1 June 2018

Director of the Cambridge Centre for Housing and Planning Research (CCHPR)
University of Cambridge (UK)
Closing date = 31 January 2018
Information: landecon-cchpr-admin@lists.cam.ac.uk

6 Month trainee position
Housing Europe Observatory, Brussels (Belgium)
The research assistant will work with Housing Europe Observatory coordinator and cooperate with the Housing Europe Advocacy & Communication team.
Application deadline = 8 January 2018


23 November 2017

Special issue Vital Spaces
To celebrate the 70th anniversary of UNECE Housing and Land Management Committee a special edition of Vital Spaces gives a history of the Committee and some of its accomplishments since its establishment in 1947.The newsletter can be found online: http://www.unece.org/housing/newsletter.html.
For more information on the work and upcoming events of the Committee: www.unece.org/housing

New data resource on racial-ethnic diversity in the US
A newly expanded data portal for learning about community racial and ethnic diversity is now operational at the 'Diversity and Disparities' website of Brown's Spatial Structures in the Social Sciences (S4) Initiative. Census information compiled at the portal describes the racial-ethnic diversity of US states, metropolitan and 'micropolitan' areas, counties, and places (e.g., cities, suburbs, small towns) for the 1980-2010 period. https://s4.ad.brown.edu/projects/diversity/DiversityPages2/Default.aspx.
Questions can be addressed to Barrett Lee at bal6@psu.edu

Call for Urban Planning special issue guest editor
The editorial team at Urban Planning (www.cogitatiopress.com/urbanplanning) are currently planning are planning to have one of their 2018 issues dedicated to housing. ENHR member who are potentially interested in editing a thematic issue of this journal are invited to contact the editorial team (up@cogitatiopress.com). Urban Planning is an open access peer-reviewed journal indexed in the Web of Science (Emerging Sources Citation Index).

Events, courses and calls for papers
13 December, Reading (United Kingdom)
Fixing Our Broken Housing Market: workshop on the way forward
Workshop by the UK Collaborative Centre for Housing Evidence (CaCHE) on primarily the UK housing market, in collaboration with the University of Reading and with contributions of e.g. David Clapham, Christine Whitehead and Geoff Meen.

1 February, Brussels (Belgium)
The European Asylum System: Moving Towards a Unified, Fair and Effective Framework
Registration and programme: http://www.publicpolicyexchange.co.uk/events/IB01-PPE2

15-16 February, Lisbon (Portugal)
Second OIKONET Postgraduate seminar Global dwelling: Intertwining Community, Sustainability and Technology
Junior researchers and PhD students are invited to submit and present an original contribution addressing the interactions between community, sustainability and technology within the context of contemporary dwelling in global societies. Abstracts will be reviewed by the scientific committee.
Abstract deadline = 15 December
Paper deadline = 5 February
Seminar's blog (http://oikonet-lisbonseminar.blogspot.nl/)
Contacts: Alexandra Paio (alexandra.paio@iscte-iul.pt) and Leandro Madrazo (madrazo@salleurl.edu)

15-16 March, Cologne (Germany)
WG Housing Finance workshop
Abstracts addressing topics in the wide field of housing finance. Preference will be given to papers dealing with the impact of financial regulation on the mortgage market and papers dealing with differences in housing taxation.
Paper deadline = 15 January
For information and paper submission: Michael Voigtlander (voigtlaender@iwkoeln.de) and Andreja Cirman (andreja.cirman@ef.uni-lj.si)

17-18 May in Malmo (Sweden)
7th annual Real Estate Research Conference
The Real Estate Studies Unit at Malmo University
Abstract submission deadline = 23 March
Paper submission deadline = 27 April
For information: Peter Palm and Zahra Hamidi (MalmoRealEstateWorkshops@mah.se)

May 17-18, 2018 in Columbus, Ohio (USA)
2nd Annual PhD Conference on Real Estate and Housing
PhD students whose papers are selected will receive a travel grant of up to $500. Best paper and best discussant prizes will also be awarded.
Abstract deadline = 7 February
Paper deadline = 30 April
For more information: https://fisher.osu.edu/centers-partnerships/center-real-estate/2018-real-estate-and-housing-phd-conference

18-30 June, Philadelphia (USA)
Executive Housing Finance Course Housing Finance in a Changing Global Environment
Applications deadline = 4 May

2-13 July, Delft (The Netherlands)
Summerschool Sustainable Housing from a European Perspective
Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, Delft University of Technology
Application deadline = 28 February
For further information contact Dr. Queena Qian (k.qian@tudelft.nl)

Assistant Professor in Housing and Property Management, Virginia Tech (USA)
Contact: Dr. Kathleen Parrott, Chair, Search Committee (homes@vt.edu)

Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, Bridgewater State University (USA)
Application deadline = 15 January

PhD: Egohoods, Spatial Inequalities, & Neighbourhood Effects
Delft University of Technology, faculty of Architecture & the Built Environment
Application deadline = 8 December 2017

PhD: Global Universities & Local Engagement with Deprived Communities
Delft University of Technology, faculty of Architecture & the Built Environment
Application deadline = 8 December 2017


11 October 2017
Book of abstracts of the Tirana ENHR conference 2017
The Book of abstracts of the Tirana ENHR conference 2017 is now available on www.enhr.net/enhrconferences.php Full papers will be available soon.

17 October, Brussels (Belgium)
State of Housing in the EU
Housing Europe report 'State of Housing in the EU 2017' presentation and two debates: An investment in housing pays the best interest (morning) and Europe's housing challenge: cutting a modern Gordian Knot (afternoon).

21 November 2017, Zalesie Gorne, near Warsaw (Poland)
Recent trends in the real estate market and its analysis
Narodowy Bank Polski and SGH Warsaw School of Economics Conference including a Narodowy Bank Polski workshop on 22-23 November on current issues in the field of real estate analysis.
Paper deadline = 22 October 2017 (realestateworkshop@nbp.pl)

24-25 November 2017, Bucharest (Romania)
4th International Conference on Economic Sciences and Business Administration (ICESBA)
(with a special panel on housing issues related to circular economy)
Main theme: Circular Economy as a new model of growth.
Papers should address the following issues: The future of housing in the circular economy; Social housing as an important public good; Recycling energy, waste, water as goal of sustainable development of urban areas; New strategies to sustain the urban areas development; Building affordable houses.
Paper deadline = 30 October 2017 (for ENHR members). Website and paper submittance: www.icesba.eu

11-12 May 2018, Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana (USA)
Small Cities Conference Vulnerable Communities: Research, Policy, & Practice
Proposals for papers and/or panels that examine the economic and social challenges facing vulnerable communities from a variety of perspectives. In particular economic and policy dimensions of these problems, social and cultural factors that help create resilient communities, planning challenges facing these places, capacity of local and state government to address the consequences of recent economic shocks. Proposals and inquiries to Dagney Faulk, PhD, dgfaulk@bsu.edu
Proposal deadline = November 1, 2017
Paper deadline = March 30, 2018

Call for papers
Call for papers for Social and Cultural Geography
Call for papers on urban singles and shared housing for Social and Cultural Geography (Taylor & Francis).
Abstract deadline = 15 November 2017, full paper deadline = to be decided.
Convenors: Oana Druta (University of Amsterdam, o.druta@uva.nl), Richard Ronald (University of Amsterdam, r.ronald@uva.nl) and Sue Heath (University of Manchester, sue.heath@manchester.ac.uk). Inquiries: Oana Druta.
Authors of selected papers will be invited for a workshop to be held in Amsterdam in the spring of 2018.

Executive Director of the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat)
The Executive Director supports the Secretary-General in advancing the United Nations system reform and leads in providing the necessary institutional and system changes within UNHabitat, in accordance with General Assembly mandates to support Member States' efforts to meet the challenges of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, including the complementary New Urban Agenda, ensuring national leadership and ownership. The Executive Director is accountable to the Secretary-General and is responsible for all the activities of the UN-Habitat secretariat, as well as its administration. www.un.org/sg/en/vacancies/index.shtml
Applications may also be sent to eosgapplications201710@un.org

Positions in architecture, urban planning, urban policy and environmental studies
NYU Shanghai is the newest degree-granting campus within New York University's global network and is currently inviting applications for several tenured and tenure-track positions in architecture, urban planning, urban policy and environmental studies; other urban related disciplines will also be considered. Candidates must have completed a PhD before they start the job and will have a record of scholarship in their field. Teaching experience and a commitment to undergraduate education are essential, and a willingness to teach across disciplines is desirable.
Review of applications will begin on October 16.
How to apply: apply.interfolio.com/44468
For more information: pr46@nyu.edu