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Policy and Research (in preparation)

Previously: Commissioners of Housing Research


Jaana Nevalainen
Ministry of Environment
Housing and Building Department
P.O. Box 35
00023 Government

The ENHR WG Policy and Research was re-launched in July 2014 under the auspices of the ENHR coordination committee with the aim to provide a platform for exchange and mutual learning between researchers, policy makers and practitioners involved in housing across Europe. Rather than carrying out regular workshops and/or issuing calls for papers, this working group aims to act transversally across the existing thematic ENHR working groups in a coordinating and enabling capacity. 

The main objective of the working group's in the first half of 2015 was to find out the best ways in which this working group can fulfil its aims. To this end the coordinators organised working session at the ENHR conference in Lisbon, to which all ENHR working group coordinators and representatives of policy and practice organisations were invited. In preparation for this meeting the coordinators conducted a survey among ENHR WG coordinators in May-June 2015. 36 responses were received.

As an initial action and as agreed in Lisbon the working group has started assist the organisers of the next ENHR conference in Belfast in the organisation of a policy and practice plenary panel. To this end, the working group coordinators have started identifying relevant topics and speakers. Additional activities by the working group include the participation of two of the coordinators (Dr Darinka Czischke and Ms Elena Solgayova) at the expert workshop on “Housing in europe – the consequences of poor accommodation”, on the invitation of Eurofound. At this event, the coordinators informed the workshop organisers and the other participants about the aims and future plans of the ENHR working group “Policy and Research” and explored opportunities for future collaboration.