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Residential Buildings and Architectural Design

Proposed in 2010; established in 2011


Birgit Jürgenhake
Delft University of Technology
Faculty of Architecture
Delft, The Netherlands
Jana Zdrahalova
Czech Technical University
Faculty of Architecture
Praha, Czech Republic
Ahsen Ozsoy
Istanbul Technical University
Faculty of Architecture
Istanbul, Turkey

Central theme

This workshop focuses on relationships between architecture, urban design and people. The main topics are:

  • the development of residential houses under diverse historical, cultural, political, economical circumstances
  • the reflection of socio-economic and cultural characteristics of inhabitants on spatial arrangement of residential buildings and urban units
  • sustainability of residential buildings, adaptability of buildings and urban units to different programmes and uses
  • social, political and economical forces that shape the form of residential buildings and complexes within cities
  • architectural and urban design of residential buildings in the process of transformation of cities.

The working group was proposed in 2010 and established in 2011. Its main topic has developed from the wide range of architecture–community relationships towards the questions of public space in cities, transformations of an urban tissue under different economical a social conditions and the development of architectural form.

Activities in 2016
In 2016, 10 papers were accepted to the workshop and 8 presentations were held, two did not show up. Each participant had 15 minutes for the presentation, 5 minutes for the peer review and another 10 minutes for the general discussion. As we focused on the core topic –architecture and residential buildings, the papers included themes discussing design strategies for flexibility, sustainable neighbourhoods, renovations, high density and affordability. We had some papers and interesting representations in collaboration of an architect with an anthropologist, researching disadvantaged suburban housing areas. The themes in details were :

  • Flexibility through temporary construction
  • Operative Design Strategies for High-Dense Living in Asian Cities
  • Residential buildings and their renovation
  • Housing for tomorrow, the example of micro-apartment developments in London
  • Suburban developments
  • Design strategies for sustainable neighbourhoods
  • Re-Evaluation of the Concept of Affordability and Quality in Social Housing Design
  • Overcoming the isolation of disadvantaged suburban housing areas

Plans for the coming year 2017
Based on the experiences of this year, especially the very interesting collaboration of architects with researchers from other disciplines like anthropologists, we would like to invite researchers who collaborate with other disciplines to enlighten the field of overlap, next to the architectural research with the focus on the core topic –architecture and residential buildings.

We welcome papers developing the following topics:

  • The analysis of different ways of strategies in the design of residential buildings or their adaptation and transformation
  • The analysis of development processes that help the buildings to be more open and flexible for change of use
  • The incorporation of local people or prospective inhabitants in the design process
  • The analysis of public space from the perspective of its value for the residential area
  • Dwelling as a reflection of diverse territorial needs of its inhabitants
  • Cultural differences in the use of dwellings and their direct surrounding
  • Cultural differences in use of public, collective and the private domain of the residential building

For any questions please contact us on the addresses on the top.